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A unique business needs a quality business card. You Image will sell your Business! Your Image is the first thing any and every prospect will notice about you. If you have not already discovered the enormous time and cost savings associated with creating your own business cards then it could be in your best interest to do so. The public's evaluation of your image will often be followed by an immediate estimation of your business. There are a number of avenues you can take in getting quality business cards. You could hire a graphics designer who can be contracted to create a business card design. That designer would then send the design to a commercial printer. This can be very time consuming and costly. Another alternative could be to have your cards produced by a printing company. This is often the way to go but are you sure the quality will be there and have you considered the cost? Consider this: Create your business cards on your own personal computer. The task can be interesting, fun and challenging. You can use your very own printer to produce full color business cards. If you already have your own ink jet printer, we have the software and know how. The only real difference is in the thickness of the paper. The paper should be at least comparable to the same thick card stock used by commercial printing companies when they make business cards. Once again, your image will sell your business and you have the ability to take that image to a level where you are best at what you do, while saving money in the process. Create your own business cards.

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