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We have some ideas about marketing your company with business cards.

Networking with business cards in a great and cost-effective way to market your business. If you are going to leave them in your desk, you might as well not buy them in the first place. Get them in to the hands of your customers and prospective customers. Take a look at some tips we have that might you market with those cards.

Be sure to enclose your business cards in any outgoing mail including thank you notes, letters, and even bills.

Who knows who is going to open todayís mail? If you are shipping packages, be sure to include one with each outgoing parcel.

Never use a sticky-note again. If you need to jot down your cell phone number or your direct line, you can personalize it by writing it on the back of you business card. This might help make your prospect feel more important.

Keep your cards close by, in you briefcase, wallet, purse or even your pocket. Just like American Express, donít leave home without them. You need to have them readily available so you can introduce yourself to people you meet.

You can to pin your business cards to bulletin boards at the grocery store or your local restaurant. Often you will see a fishbowl used as a marketing technique offering prizes if your card is drawn. I always drop mine there.

I hope these tips help!

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