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When you receive a business card from someone act as though you have received a diamond. In doing so you are showing interest in their business. This will always make that person interested in you and your business. A request for your business card will be following. Also important is that you do not enclose your card in emotional mailings. Condolences, get well soon cards and congratulation correspondence should always be hand written and never accompanied by your business card. Keep your cards crisp, clean and up-to-date. Don't scratch out old info. Get the card updated. Also, don't force your business card on anyone. There will be numerous occasions when you will be able to hand out your business card. Wait for the right opportunities to come alone. For example, when someone simply asks for your card or the conversation is about business. Business card etiquette can be just like dinner guest etiquette. Following the ethical rules associated with dinning will probably result in a return invitation. So it is with your business card. In the business card world a percentage of your income is on the line. Also, let them know that you are fully intending to keep their card. Read it quickly then put it away securely in a portfolio purse. When you take a little time in business card etiquette you can go a long way toward a quality business.

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